Polio Vaccines Is Safe, Islamic – Sultan


Sultan of Sokoto, Mohamed Sa’ad Abubakar

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, on Saturday reaffirmed that vaccines for polio and other child-killer diseases are safe and Islamic.

Abubakar spoke in Wamakko town, headquarters of Wamakko Local Government Area of Sokoto State at the National Campaign of the Sub-National Plus Days (SIPDS).

The Sultan added: ”The vaccines for polio and other child-killer diseases like measles, diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus, among others are safe.’’

”The vaccines have been internationally and medically certified by medical experts and Islamic clerics.

”We have also agreed with them as we will not accept and consent to anything that will harm our children.”

Abubakar therefore appealed to Nigerians to accept the vaccines, routine immunisation, while pregnant women should avail themselves of the various antenatal services available.

The monarch further restated the commitment of the Northern Traditional Rulers Committee on Polio and Routine Immunisation toward eradicating polio and other child-killer diseases in the country.

Gov. Aminu Tambuwal commended the Federal Government, the sultan and development partners for the relentless efforts to eradicate polio and other diseases.

Tambuwal also vowed that he would continue to support all endeavours for Nigeria to be certified polio-free.

”The state government is committed to all agreements it had signed on all aspects, including health.

”That was why the state government allocated 16 per cent of its 2017 budget to the health sector.”

Tambuwal further vowed to redress all the challenges with a view to improving the disturbing health indices in the state.

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Primary Healthcare and Communicable Diseases, Sen. Mao Ohuabunwa, expressed the resolve of the Senate to see to the removal of Nigeria from the list of polio endemic countries soon.

Similarly, the Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Health Services, Mr Chike Okafor, represented by his deputy, Alhaji Mohammed Usman, also promised sustained funding to provide efficient healthcare services to Nigerians.

The spokesman of the Development Partners, Dr Fiona Braka, said,” WHO and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative partners remain firmly committed to support Sokoto state and the government of Nigeria in revitalising the immunisation programme.”‘

The Commissioner for Health and the Special Adviser on PHC, Dr Balarabe Kakale and Alhaji Zayyanu Gandi, respectively commended Tambuwal for giving the health sector top priority in the state’s budget.

Botched Circumcision Claims 11 Lives In South Africa


Eleven teenagers have died of botched circumcision within two weeks during the winter initiation season in South Africa, authorities said on Saturday.

According to Provincial Department of Traditional Affairs, all the deaths are in Eastern Cape Province, a hotbed of circumcision-related deaths.

“The death toll of initiates in a short period is alarming,’’ Fikile Xasa from the department said.

He added that the deaths occurred in spite of “Zero Deaths” campaign launched by the government.

Government-dispatched teams were currently monitoring the situation across the country, according to Community Development Foundation of South Africa (CDFSA), which deals with the safety of initiates.

It, however, said over 22 boys were rescued from illegal initiation schools in the province.

The department stated that six other initiates died in the province when their initiation school caught fire, noting that their funeral was held on Saturday.

Circumcision is viewed a sacred practice in African cultures, marking a male’s transition from child to adulthood.

In South Africa, young males must traditionally be circumcised as passage to manhood.

According to the CDFSA, over 70 boys died at initiation schools in 2016 and scores of others were hospitalised in the Eastern Cape alone.

PENDULUM | A Special Evening With The Acting President – By @DeleMomodu


I was a humble, ardent and proud supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari in the last Presidential election out of the prevailing frustration and general anger against the PDP misrule under the seemingly irredeemable leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan. I must confess that the APC government that took over did not take full advantage of the massive goodwill it garnered from every part of Nigeria. Not since 1993, when Chief Moshood Abiola won a most decisive and convincing election have we witnessed the kind of clean and clear electoral mandate delivered in 2015. As a matter of fact, not only was an incumbent sitting African President defeated spectacularly, the man who lost actually called to congratulate the victor. That was a new tradition in the volatile Nigerian electoral system.  It is my hope and expectation that the future leaders of our country will continue to imbibe all the positive lessons learnt from the 2015 elections and its aftermath.

However, the APC government took off at snail speed, crawling like a millipede. The Buhari/Osinbajo administration behaved like it had all the time in the world. Big fans and volunteer supporters like me got alarmed very early. I panicked so much at the direction things were going that I hurriedly wrote a desperate memo to President Muhammadu Buhari pleading with him not to fritter away the uncommon goodwill that he then enjoyed. That mail actually got the attention of Mr President and earned me a special invitation to the Aso Rock Presidential villa where I sat in total privacy with our dear leader and was able to offer a few tips and ideas. That was also a new development and I was elated that his would be a listening and responsive government.

As days rolled by and months climbed months, things went from bad to worse and then worst. The APC government was busy fighting a war of attrition with itself from the outset. It was also waging wars against perceived enemies of the Party and the State. These wars were being fought on all fronts and it was going to distract from the primary task of nation-building. It was frighteningly similar to the incendiary and eventually fatal approach that ultimately led to the demise of President Jonathan’s PDP administration. I felt a sense of déjà vu! Only a few people could see the palpable danger ahead. It is not easy to fight corruption in Nigeria. Like everything Nigerian, even corruption enjoys Federal character. The main reason most Nigerians fight tooth and nail for government appointment is to be able to partake in slicing off a chunky part of the national cake and savouring it with cronies and families, not for service. There was no way you are going to probe only the Jonathan government and not invite the fierce and fiendish wrath of some sympathetic militants who would argue that he was being persecuted because he comes from a particular section and minority tribe. Meanwhile, all those who had looted and emptied Nigeria fifty to even ten years earlier are virtually walking free without any fear of prosecution not to mention punishment or even prison sentences.

Once the Buhari government chose to make the war against corruption its main cardinal priority, it was going to be like touching the tiger by the tail. Corruption was going to fight back with all the ferocity and velocity at its command and disposal. It is arguable that, perhaps, the President should have tarried a while, to secure and stabilise the economic structures of Nigeria before embarking on these wars. Sooner than expected, the militants began to strike with mathematical accuracy and scientific precision. And they struck at the very jugular of Nigeria without blinking. Our oil resources were attacked just as internationally oil prices dipped. Almost immediately, Nigeria began haemorrhaging dangerously. The hullaballoo made our case far worse than it ever was. We couldn’t lift or supply enough oil, our cash cow. As if by some unseen conspiracy, the price of crude oil fell calamitously on the international market as the attacks mounted and became sustained. Thus the income that could not sustain us even on regular, incident free days became drastically drained and insufficient. States could not pay salaries of workers and our citizens lost jobs in droves.

If this was not already bad enough, our President suffered health challenges and could not operate full blast. President Buhari has now spent more time abroad than at home on medical leave this year. It would seem the enemies of Nigeria never slept at night as they waged endless wars against our country. And to crown it up, the agitation for secession filled the air as the carefully orchestrated call for the creation of an Igbo nation seemingly became deafening. Some Arewa youths from Northern Nigeria complicated the already terrible situation by pouring petrol into fire when they satirically gave Igbos resident in the North the quit notice to head back home by October 1, 2017, the anniversary of our independence as a Nation and Republic. How can one country suffer from all these debilitating afflictions in one fell swoop, without almost becoming comatose?

Any patriotic Nigerian should be seriously concerned. I truly pitied and prayed for whosoever has the fortune or misfortune of leading Nigeria at this unfortunate period and that man is the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo. As I sat down to write my last column, which obviously went viral, my mind kept flashing to the Acting President. I was then in Johannesburg. As soon as I finished writing Friday night, I decided to send him a text message: “Your Excellency, good evening Sir. I’m sending you good tidings from South Africa. I will be in Nigeria tomorrow by God’s grace and wish to pay you a visit on Sunday afternoon or evening…”

I went to sleep thereafter but got a pleasant surprise as soon as I woke up from the Acting President: “Thanks very much Dele. Sunday afternoon is good, my assistant will call to schedule… God bless you.” What a wonderful leader, I soliloquised. I wish more of our leaders could be this simple and down to earth. I’ve known Professor Osinbajo for more than two decades as a man who has never been desperate for anything in life. He handles every job or assignment, whether domestic or international, with unusual decorum, meticulousness, adeptness and dexterity. This is what distinguished and endeared him to Lagosians when he served as Attorney General. As promised in his response, his assistant contacted me and we made plans for my meeting with him.

I landed in Lagos Saturday evening and headed to Abuja on Sunday afternoon. Acting President Osinbajo’s aides were as professional and polite as their boss. Everything was planned to the minutest detail. My trip to the Akinola Aguda House was very smooth. I never encountered any over-bloated and unnecessary protocol or security. It reminded me immediately of the kind of protocol and security I have seen surrounding serious minded African and other foreign leaders determined only to work and not just grandstand. As soon as I completed a short and simple security screening, I was asked to sit in a waiting room. At the appointed time and without any grandiloquent arrival, the Acting President walked in alone, I mean alone, and I stood up to greet him and we exchanged pleasantries. Then he told me, “Dele, je a wo yaara kan lo…” (Dele, let’s enter one room together). He was that modest. We entered a small room and someone brought us some snacks with an option of coffee or tea. I chose tea while the Acting President chose coffee. Let me note that neither of us touched any food or drink once we started discussing Nigeria.

The challenges of Nigeria are so heavy but Professor Osinbajo did not appear like a man intimidated or overwhelmed by the enormity of the problems. He believes problems are meant to be solved by man. His worries are not about the complexities of politics and politicians. He is troubled and traumatised about the future of Nigerian youths. Every now and then, during our interaction, he would make calls to check on how things were going in various departments of State. I saw a man who is very hands-on. He actually carries out his own investigations with subtlety and tact. He refuses to operate from a gilded cage. Many leaders fail because they simply abdicate responsibilities to others without making personal effort to supervise, understand and tackle the issues at stake. I love the way he has demystified and simplified power. 

Professor Osinbajo said to me repeatedly that Nigerians are not asking for too much. As he reiterated several times, what he and his boss, President Muhammadu Buhari, need to do is to work very hard to produce and provide the basic necessities of life first before thinking of extravagance or luxury. His unflinching loyalty to his boss is undeniable and unassailable. He sees President Buhari as a role model for all Nigerians to emulate. In his view, if we can accept to imbue the spirit of selflessness that President Buhari possesses, many of our problems would disappear. He sees light at the end of the tunnel. He’s been on the road and he is inspired and encouraged by the love and warm reception accorded him in every part of Nigeria. He invites every Nigerian to work closely with the Buhari government in order to overcome the menace of corruption, retrogression and decay.

 As I stood up to leave, the Acting President actually walked out with me and we continued our conversation. Nigeria is blessed to have a Vice President who does not suffer from a big ego or inordinate ambition. He is concerned with the here and now. He believes that if the institutions of government are strengthened, and the cancer of corruption is contained, then our country will go places and reach the desired destination very soon. He just wants to handle the huge assignment given to him by his boss with every sense of responsibility and loyalty and to succeed in delivering to the people on the joint mandate given to his boss and himself by the Nigerian people.

There is no doubt that Professor Yemi Osinbajo has done just that so far. It is clear that his approach is working and that the nation has woken from its slumber and is gradually returning to the glory days. His determination to succeed his buoyed by the unflinching support that he has received from President Buhari with regard to the steps that he is taking. For me, this is a combination made in heaven.

Prof Osinbajo’s style is to leave politics and politicking to the politicians for the main part whilst he engages himself and focuses on the more productive task of dealing with the needs, aspirations and expectations of Nigerian in the area of security, jobs, youth restiveness, poverty alleviation, power and the economy. From our recent interaction and my personal knowledge of him, I have an unshaken belief in his ability to continue to fulfil and discharge the unenviable duties and responsibility bestowed upon him by his boss and the grund norm of our land, the 1999 Constitution.



Evans is in police custody, doing fine – Police


The Police high command has dismissed report of alleged disappearance or death of billionaire kidnapper, Chukwuduneme Onwuamadike, alias Evans, in its custody.

It said contrary to the report, the kidnapper was not only firmly in its custody hale and hearty but also was very much assisting it in its ongoing investigation of alleged crimes he perpetrated while holding sway in his profession.

Reacting to the report following enquiry from newsmen, Weekend, in Abuja, Force Headquarters, through its spokesman, Jimoh Moshood, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, DSP, insisted that Evans never vanished from its custody nor died as being rumoured.

But Moshood described those peddling the rumour as mischief makers who were only out to tarnish the hard earned image of the Nigerian Police not only in crime fighting but also prevention as well as investigation.

Reminded that the story was in one of the conventional media platforms already, Mr Moshood responded: “The people are just mischievous. Evans did not vanish, Evans is still in police custody and we are making progress in the investigation.”

He added: “You know we have a warrant from the court to keep him for three month and we are in the first month. Evans did not vanish.”

When told that there was another information that the recently arrested kidnapper had been transferred to Abuja, the Force Public Relations Officer said:”I don’t know, if you have that kind of information, why are you calling me again to say Evans vanished? ”

Informed that an online platform had carried a story to that effect, Moshood said:”It is unfortunate that the online has become a comedian centre since nobody has given report that Evans has vanished.”

He further clarified: “Evans did not vanish, vanish into where? Is it evaporation we call it or what? Evans is still in police custody; he is hale and healthy and he has been assisting the police further in their investigation. So, he is in police custody.”

Recall that a media organization, had reported Saturday, that Evans, Nigeria’s infamous billionaire kidnapper, was no longer in the media glare unlike the past few weeks, thus fuelling speculations that he’s escaped, or dead.

Goodluck Jonathan’s Son-in-law Attacked By Gunmen In Calabar

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Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s son-in-law, Prince Goodwill Edward, was reportedly shot on Friday by unknown gunmen in Calabar.

The ex-president’s son-in-law was reportedly shot in his State Housing Estate residence.

image: http://www.herald.ng/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/prince-goodwill-edwards.png

Prince Goodwill Edward who is the Special Adviser on Youths Affairs to Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River is reported to be currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed medical facility in the state.

The extent of damage done by the gunshot is yet unknown as at press time.

The state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Hafiz Inuwa, when contacted by Punchng disclosed that the matter is yet to be reported officially.

The state CP further noted that it was not the first time Edward had been attacked by gunmen according to records.

Inuwa added: “This was the third or fourth time that this thing is happening.

“Do you know that as at now I’m talking to you there is no official report about it? We are not going to wait until the matter is reported. We are the police we know our responsibility.

“Even if they have a reason for not reporting which we are not going to sit down until the matter is reported, we have the responsibility to investigate and by the grace of God we will go after those responsible.”

Read more at http://www.herald.ng/goodluck-jonathans-son-in-law-shot-in-calabar/#5c5KCW52MaJHTbwP.99

Kingpin Evans Disappears From Cell At Night

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Evans, after he was captured

A sudden blackout has descended on the case of Chukwuduneme Onwuamadike a.k.a. Evans, Nigeria’s infamous billionaire kidnapper, thus fuelling speculations that he’s escaped, or died after weeks of public display and media frenzy.

SunNews has however gathered that Evans is not dead as his family now fears but has been moved from the Lagos police command headquarters cell by about 30 heavily armed men at midnight few days ago to an undisclosed destination.

Some senior police officers in the know told Saturday Sun he was moved to Abuja

Indeed, in the last few days, a palpable silence seemed to have enshrouded the Evans phenomenon.

Where is Evans?

It is a question the police is not prepared to officially answer right now. A man who hitherto divulged the details of his criminal life to the public almost on a daily basis is suddenly no longer accessible to even the press corps.

All a Saturday Sun reporter who visited the state police command was told was that Evans is no longer allowed to talk to the press till further notice.

The secrecy surrounding his whereabouts in the official quarters baffles those who have closely followed his story since his arrest.

After days of sniffing around the Lagos police formations to get information on Evans whereabouts, it was gathered that the kidnap kingpin had been moved out of the Lagos command headquarters days ago by heavily armed policemen and is yet to be returned.

Police had last week said they got a court order to detain him for three months to give them enough time to complete their investigation. This followed two suits filed by Evans lawyer, Olukoya Ogungbeje, at the High Court seeking his release and claiming N300m damages from the police.

Some senior police officers who spoke to Saturday Sun on condition of anonymity expressed fears that Evans might not make it to the court.

They argued that he might plot his escape from prison, or get across to some of his members who are still on the run. Their concerns are not farfetched, given that several inmates in the past had reportedly committed much heinous crimes even while in prison.

Some of the officers confirmed that Evans was no longer in the police cell in Lagos.

“He has not been returned since he was moved out. Evans is a broken man; police can’t resort to extra-judicial killings at this point. He is cooperating, and he is ready to help return all his ill-gotten wealth as soon as possible”, one of the officers said.

Another reliable source at the police command told Saturday Sun:

“Evans is not an ordinary criminal. I guess that they took him out for further investigation but I don’t know why they are yet to return him to his cell.”
The source further assured:

“No one is planning to kill Evans. I believe that they will return him later. He could be in any good cell in the state for security reasons, but I can assure you that he is not dead yet. Even if anything happens to him, if he dies in custody, it will be as a result of cancer which he claims he is suffering from.”
Yet another senior police officer who preferred anonymity assured that Evans is okay.

“He is okay and seriously cooperating with the police in its investigation. From the look of things, he might not spend up to three months in detention before he’s charged to court. As for his location, I assure you that he is in a protective custody somewhere out of town.”

The officer who reinforced fears within the police circle, said that “a criminal is always a criminal,” adding that, “with the number of robbery cases and kidnappings to his credit, he is well known among criminals.”
He told Saturday Sun:

“Within the short period that he spent in our cell, he is already controlling inmates in the cell. They fear and respect him; we do not want to run the risk of allowing him to form another notorious group which is common amongst them.”
On why his family is yet to get access to him, the officer said that they are yet to approach the police.

“A lot of his family members benefitted from his ill-gotten wealth, so they are afraid to come close to the police station.
Evans confirmed that he bought a car for his father and also gave him N3m. The police will recover such money and properties.

We will soon get a warrant to pick his father up and possibly his mother, who also benefitted.”
SunNewsonline adds that their calls and text messages to both the Lagos Police Spokesman, Olarinde Famous-Cole and the Force PRO, Moshood Jimoh on the official position of the Police on Evans’ whereabouts were neither answered nor responded to as at 10pm yesterday.

Source – SunNewsonline.com

Buhari’s Son Bags Masters Degree


Yusuf Buhari bags Masters degree

After graduating along with his sister Zahra Buhari, from the University of Surrey, Guildford, England last year, President Buhari’s son, Yusuf Buhari just bagged a Master’s degree from a University in the United Kingdom.

Sharing the photo on Facebook, Anas Mu’azu wrote in Hausa;

‘Muna taya Dan Shugaban kasa Yusuf Muhammad Buhari murnar kammala karatun Digir-gir (Masters Degree) dinsa.Allah ya sanya Alheri.’


‘We congratulate The President’s son, Yusuf Muhammad Buhari celebrate graduating DiGi-gir (Masters Degree) dinsa.Allah made Grace.’